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    Look for Cali dates coming soon. 

    West Coast Tour Spring 2016!

  • Summer come and gone, my oh my.

    SUMMER TOUR 2015 was awesome. Much gratitude to all those friends that joined us. Thanks Captive Eddies for learning my tunes and making the caravan fun.  Starting to dream up a west coast SPRING TOUR 2016 so see all my friends and be immersed in music... in the Spring.

    Today i'll been feeling gratitude.  Transported to the 70's thanks to YouTube and danced for a while. Now doing some computer work. website and all... rather be playing music...but maybe this will connect with you... someone.. and brighten your day.  there are pros and cons to the whole world wide web and computers...they connect us.... they disconnect us.... but they are part of the here we go.  the sunshine in beconing me to go outside. i am smiling right now. feeling the connection to you...whoever you are. across space and time. may you be smiling too. just because we know. we agree, we understand each other and the humorous modern human experience....

    anyway. insights for today:

    1. GRATITUDE is a pathway to happiness.

    2. 1 STEP AT A TIME, everything gets done.

    3. DRINK WATER, GO OUTSIDE, AND PLAY.  universal wisdom



    Hey friends and family.

      Just arrived on East Coast.  Feelin' the excitement of the musical adventure starting to unfold.  Excited to connect with all you amazing people.  Rehearsing with the Captive Eddies for a few days before we start the tour in Floyd, VA.  Passed thru Atlanta and saw the new Omni, auspicious place where my life was upgraded and augmented by the musical community experience of the Grateful Dead.  I know so many of have been positively impacted by music and the uplifting community of others taking steps to transform our life experience on Earth.  Thanks for all the fun you create, all the good vibes, the smiles, the dancing, the personal work, the collective gathering, the community support, the willingness to take chances and step out of the box... making circles...  

    see you soon,


  • East Coast Tour! Aug. /Costa Stories

    East Coast Tour!  in august 2015.  Asheville to Miami.  Do you live along that route? Lets connect and co-create.

     Stories from Costa Rica Tour.

         Back in SF after a run in Costa Rica, which was mostly fun, but had some challenges.  Got robbed one night as we slept. I jumped up to confront them to see a gun pointed at me, first time in my life.  They left with a few things, but no one was hurt.  Was traumatic and took some time to shed and stop thinking about it. what i could have done, how did that happen, feeling of anger.  it gave me some new depth and empathy with others to add into my music.  Every experience has something to gain.  I feel a new balance between my animal warrior and my spiritual saint... ready for anything. giving thanks that i am alive and well and have no holes in me...

         Had fun playing shows with local musicians in Samara and Nosara. got to surf everyday into the sunset...beyond words awesome.  Connected with many amazing people.  Did some yoga and tai chi with amazing teachers.  Bringing this inspiration into the everyday life.  Doing my best to stay focused on 1 soul desire at a time.  Playing music everyday, carving out new songs, booking venues for East Coast Tour, and eventually updated my website and social media sites...  Music is the easy part.

  • whats happenin?


        Happy new year. 2015. wow. we living in the future.  Focused on making some shows happen for the spring and summer.  Have some new direction and new songs to share and record.  With all the ups and downs, i am , in this moment feeling excited about all the possibilities.  It is a brave new world. anything is possible.  The old beliefs and formats for life dont always apply, if you creating your own story. living in the moment. making whatever our souls desire happen... one step at a time.  much love to all of you for all you do.  Lets make this a deliberately co-creative soulfulfulling year.